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We know that the investment in your flight training program is one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make. But the subsequent rewards are much greater! On average, a successful airline pilot in Indonesia will earn more than THREE MILLION ($3,000,000) USD throughout his aviation career. So the very reasonable amount that you will put into your flight training, is an investment worth making.


  Financial Viability

Both global airline organisations and the Indonesian DGCA all project a dramatic deficit in pilots required for national and regional air carriers in the coming years.


In fact in January 2015, the Boeing Aircraft Company forecast a need in North America alone, for 88,000 new commercial pilots over the next twenty years, and industry leaders met in Florida to discuss how to meet this growing demand.


Therefore, most Indonesian airlines are accepting direct-entry pilots for their First Officer programs. Pilots will be trained on modern heavy-jet aircraft free of charge after committing to a standard airline employment contract. Such commitments are made with pilots almost immediately after completion of their DGCA CPL/IR flight training programs. And because of the industry shortage, First Officers can move up to Captain status in a shorter period of time than in the past.

  Rate comparison

When comparing our rates with other regional flight schools, please compare "apples with apples". In aviation, not everything "cheap" is actually cheap.


Some flight schools advertise extremely "stripped down" rates, with minimum legal flight training hours for a particular license or rating. Achieving sucha tight objective (in this case, your PPL or CPL/IR license) is almost always impossible by a majority of students. This translates into huge amount of hidden fees, additional training costs and other unadvertised expenses.


For example, if a professional course is adverised to cost $55,000 for minimum legal flight time, the actual cost is likely to be over $75,000, because most students will require additional training. On the other hand, LIFT has no hidden fees. Our program is designed to take most students (even with average abilities), from zero to DGCA CPL/IR within the designated time-frame. Our flight and theoretical training time allocation is very generous and, on average, much higher then most other flight schools in the country.


Current rates for LIFT Professional Pilot Course:

arrow DGCA-ICAO Professional Airline Pilot Program: (Please email for current info.)
This rate is fully-inclusive of:
arrow DGCA class I medical (initial medica examl)
arrow Ground school, lectures, self-study materials
arrow Unimited use of Jeppesen/King/ASA/GleimAeronautical library
arrow Jeppesen Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Manuals
arrow LIFT heavy duty pilot bag
arrow DGCA theoretical examinations
arrow Flight Training (as per our DGCA-approved curriculum)
arrow Practical examinations and stage-checks
arrow Student accommodation near our airport on Lombok Island
arrow Daily transportation to & from accommodation/flight center
arrow Rental of advanced Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets
arrow Meals during all training days
arrow Incident/accident aviation insurance
arrow LIFT administrative fees
arrow DGCA administrative fees



Current rates for LIFT Non-professional Pilot Courses:

arrow DGCA-ICAO Private Pilot License (LIberty XL2): (Please email for current info.)
This rate is fully-inclusive of:
arrow DGCA class I medical
arrow Ground School
arrow Theoretical Examinations
arrow Flight Training (as per DGCA-approved curriculum)
arrow Practical examinations and stage-checks
arrow Rental of advanced Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets
arrow Flight insurance
arrow LIFT Administration fees
arrow DGCA License issuance fees


  Note: The rates are subject to monthly review and change without notice. Individual and modular courses are priced dynamically, depending on current fuel costs and are subject to availability. Flight fees are estimated for non-integrated modular training and provided for planning purposes only. New DGCA requirements, fuel surcharges, and other uncontrollable factors may result in adjustments to our fees prior to or during the course of the academic year. Please contact our enrollment department for latest pricing information.


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