become a professional pilot

DGCA Private Pilot License Course


This course is designed for individuals who want to either kick-start their career in aviation by getting a PPL license and proceeding to professional flight training thereafter, or simply want to obtain an international grade ICAO-recognized private pilot license to fly personal or rental light aircraft in Indonesia or abroad. Flight training is available on the Liberty XL2 aircraft.


The course curriculum will involve 2 months of theoretical and flight training, including:

bullet PPL flight training
  50 hours ground school
50 hours radio-telephony
32 hours aviation English
10 hours full-motion flight simulator
16 hours dual flight maneuvers
8 hours dual cross-country
4 hours dual instrument training
6 hours dual night training
8 hours local Solo
6 hours cross-country Solo
1 hour PPL DGCA check-ride
Total Flight time: 46 hours
Total Sim time: 10 hours

Total Logged Time: 66 hours

Total Groud Instruction: 142 hours
Total Training Time: 188 hours
Total Course Duration: 3-4 months

For professional flight training syllabus click here




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