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Is flight training and subsequent aviation career suitable for me? || <<

What qualities do I need to possess in order to make it in this line of work? || <<

Will I be able to find work immediately after flight training? || <<

How much can I expect to get paid once I get my first flying job? || <<

Will I be home every day? || <<

Will I need to pay more for flight training on a big airplane after I finish my CPL/IR with LIFT? || <<

How long will it be until I start flying the "heavy metal?" || <<

How long will it take until I get to be a captain and how much will I get paid? || <<

What if I don't like working in Indonesia? Can I move to another airline abroad or am I bound to working in this country forever? || <<

What if I "lose" my medical, can I move to another job? || <<

Will I need to make any other lifestyle adjustments? || <<

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What do I need to enroll in your flight academy? || <<

What level of math and physics do I need to know in order to enroll? || <<

What is this "Vienna Pilot Aptitude Test"? || <<

What if I am not Indonesian, can I enroll? || <<

I already started flying with another school. Can I transfer? || <<

I am 40. Can I enroll in your PPL or CPL flight training program? || <<

I am 16. Can I join? || <<

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How difficult is flight training for a CPL/IR license? || <<

How difficult is flight training for a PPL license? || <<

What are the qualifications of your flight instructors? || <<

Will it be difficult to communicate with a foreign flight instructor? || <<

Will you provide me with the necessary study materials? || <<

Will you provide me with the flight gear and pilot uniforms? || <<

What if I can't keep up with the flight training curriculum? || <<

What if I fail one of the main check-rides with a DGCA examiner? || <<

What if I am prone to motion sickness? || <<

Will I be required to do aerobatics or some "High-G" maneuvers? || <<

What if something goes wrong? || <<

Between you and I, is flight training dangerous? || <<

Is there anything I can do in order to improve my piloting abilities and skills? || <<

What are the advantages of using new avionics? || <<

Are there any advantages in flight training on a new composite aircraft? || <<

How will my hearing be protected during the flight training? || <<

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What aircraft are in your fleet? || <<

Why did you choose to operate the Liberty XL2 instead of more traditional flight training aircraft? || <<

What are "Aspen Avionics" and why are they important? || <<

What other high tech stuff do you have in your cockpit? || <<

You have so much electronic equipment in your aircraft. Can students really learn the basics on such an advanced machine? || <<

I saw you referring to Cessnas in a demeaning manner. You got something against C172s?! || <<

Do your airplanes have autopilots? || <<

Who does your aircraft maintenance? || <<

If something goes wrong, do you have a stand-by aircraft "ready to go"? || <<

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What are the DGCA class-1 medical requirements? || <<

Are there any disqualifying medical conditions? || <<

What is the general process of obtaining Class-1 DGCA medical? || <<

What are the requirements for eyesight and vision? || <<

What if I am colorblind? || <<

What about blood pressure? || <<

Why do they check my teeth? || <<

What can I do in order to improve my chances of passing the DGCA Class-1 medical? || <<

Do I need to work out in a gym with weights or be especially fit to fly? || <<

My eyesight is very bad. What can I do? || <<

My blood pressure is high. What can I do? || <<

I have a fear of heights. Can I be a pilot? || <<

I have claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces). Can I be a pilot? || <<

I am a woman. Can I be a pilot? || <<



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